Management Consulting

At CDL, we believe that our consulting work has to start from the inside out. We need to understand your business strategy and then directly connect our leadership, change management, and team building work to that effort.

Leadership, Change Management and Team Building Consulting

Business MeetingGREAT STRATEGY ISN’T ENOUGH: No matter how brilliant your business strategy is, success always comes down to effective execution. There is an art to making this happen.

Effective execution of your business strategy always comes down to how well your Senior Team leads and operates as a team and how effectively they deal with the changing business landscape.

Managers, individuals, and teams must learn how to work in new and different ways. Most people rise to positions of authority based on their technical skill — not necessarily their leadership, change management or team building abilities. Our experise is to help individuals who manage others “up-skill” these areas.

Here’s how we see these three important issues:

LEADERSHIP: We believe one size does NOT fit all. People come to their leadership roles with very different personalities and characteristics. You can’t “homogenize” people into one model. You get much better results when people understand they must take responsibility to craft a leadership approach that leverages their personality. Authenticity is critical for effective leadership.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: The easy part of a change effort is identifying the need. The real work begins once the “burning platform” has been articulated. What is required next is a leadership strategy that overcomes people’s natural resistance to change and engages everyone involved to commit to the process. Visible wins are essential for success.

TEAM BUILDING: Teams are critically important and appropriate in many scenarios; but they are NOT the panacea for all things business. Leaders must determine when to use teams effectively, how to maximize performance, and what to do to avoid dysfunction. Great teams require effort – they don’t just happen!

We believe theory is nice, but we have a strong bias towards action. The most powerful learning comes from helping leaders create a series of actions that actually make a difference.

The signature of our work is helping people in leadership positions learn specific and practical behaviors that make an immediate difference. We help individuals break their challenges into small achievable chunks and create a series of actions that actually work.

It’s analogous to the way kids learn how to ride a bike. They try, they fall, they try again and eventually they get it. Once they get it they’re excited and confident in their ability to take on more.