Performance Culture Workshop

performance-culture-business-workshopStrategy + Culture =
Organizational Capability

Virtually every organization is looking for approaches to boost revenue growth, increase innovation and retain the best talent.

A well-defined strategy provides a path for achieving these specific results. However, successful execution of your strategy requires engaged employees who take ownership for achieving organizational goals.

Research continues to show that the most successful organization have cultures that foster high employee engagement.  According to a 2015 Gallup study, organizations with highly engaged employees deliver 2.5 times the revenue of organizations with low engagement — and their best employees are 87% less likely to leave.

Our two-day workshop, LEADING A PERFORMANCE CULTURE is designed to link strategy and culture in a powerful results focused way.  Executives leave the workshop with practical leadership tools and a game plan for creating  an organizational climate that fosters greater collaboration, innovative thinking and smart risk-taking.

Workshop Framework

                                    DAY 1                                     DAY 2
  • Leading at the speed of change
  • Why most change efforts fail
  • The effect of culture on strategy
  • The importance of aligning strategy and culture
  • Helping the senior team act as one
  • Raising the bar on employee engagement
  • Insights from leaders who have successfully implemented change
  • Driving innovation and experimentation
  • Establishing a high-performance culture
  • Building a team leadership approach
  • Personal leadership action plans
  • Sustaining momentum and accountability