Everything Begins with
Your Business Strategy

There is only one reason to devote a great deal of time and energy to change and development efforts—because fundamentally you believe they will accelerate your organization’s ability to meet its business needs.

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What Separates Us
From Other Firms

We believe one size does not fit all. It is our responsibility to translate the theories of change, development and leadership into practical actions that fit seamlessly with your organization's goals and culture.

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Dealing With Today

Your organization's success in today's uniquely challenging business environment depends on managers, individuals and teams learning how to work in new and different ways. We help individuals at all levels learn specific and practical behaviors that upgrade current skills and build new ones.

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No matter how brilliant your business strategy is, success always comes down to effective execution. There is an art to making this happen.

It is more important than ever that managers and employees be engaged, empowered and inspired. Our workshops provide the tools needed to accomplish this goal:

The Art of Coaching Workshop (Managers)
Individual Development Planning Workshop (Employees)

We call our unique feedback survey process the Skills Map. A well-designed survey, with the results effectively presented, can be a very powerful tool.

In the past 20 years we have worked with organizations large and small. We have learned a great deal from each one. Here is a partial list.

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The Art of Coaching in Business Videos and Meeting Openers